Jane Phillips

Jane Phillips

In 2002 I took the decision to change my work life balance. Up until that point all my creative energies had been used in my career as a teacher, home and family. I had painted and drawn for pleasure in the past and all my teaching post were with responsibilities for the Arts both visual and dramatic so I felt creatively fulfilled....but I knew I needed more. I resigned from teaching and with the support of my husband and some supply teaching work I started to renew a long standing love of Art.

I had the most amazing time studying for the Art Foundation Diploma and it was during this time that I realised my passion was for 3D work. I added to my skills as a sculptor with further study and courses: a learning process  that still continues. Now I am at a point where I have a small studio, happy creating work in clay, plaster,stone and experimenting with ideas and processes.

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